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You can't medicate yourself out of something you "lifestyled" your way into... If you are willing to start living life like you were intended to live it, you will get "as intended" results. 

Healthcare sucks... You need better... Here is what I mean...

Eats ON the GO

Secret To Kill HEART BURN

Proper Way to Stretch Neck

Healthy Popcorn!?!?

Don't Use a Microwave

Foam Rolling Secrets

Omega 3's

Tips and Tricks for MOM

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The Statement That Sums Up My Life...
I provide consistent results in healthcare while uncovering and creating contriversial content, educating the masses.  
Dismiss The Fear.
If you are not in fear of a symptom, disease, or diagnoses, you can make EDUCATED DECISIONS. 
Discredit The "Authority"
The "Health Care" system creates disease that only they have a "cure" for. Years of school doesn't make you right. It makes you trained... 
Develop Hope. 
I'll teach you how to get your body to HEAL better. When you and your family HEAL, you can have HEALth. This is MUCH EASIER than you think. 

Top 5 Reasons to NOT VACCINATE

Best Way to Increase Shoulder Stability

Coffee, Good or Bad?

Coffee in YOUR BUTT

The Pink Ribbon is a SCAM

Fever is GOOD or Bad?

Keys to Losing Body Fat

Personal Care Products We Use

Best Meat to Eat

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